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According to a recent survey by International Data Corporation (IDC), a global provider in market intelligence for the technology sector, outsourcing is on the rise in Canada. A large chunk of Canadian companies are outsourcing at  least a tenth of their IT service provision to offshore outsourcing providers. And this is not some small volume of work we are talking about. Canada's IT outsourcing market is valued at an estimated $5.5 billion as of now, and is expected to reach a whopping $15 billion this year alone – a phenomenal growth prediction of 3.8 per cent from 2009 by the IDC. So, how have the equations suddenly changed? What ruffled the complacent feathers of Canada's business community? Two factors – there maybe more – have emerged as the driving force behind this growing trend.  The first is driven by finance. Offshore outsourcing presents an attractive oppo... (more)

Outsourcing Cannot Be Wished Away

Much of the vitriolic that has been heaped on outsourcing - and outsourcing to India in particular - by anti-outsourcing campaigners in the US, has its roots in a somewhat loose and shaky soil. Not only is the continued attack a clear indication of political and economic myopia on the part of the opinion makers in the US, but the latter are also guilty of severely misleading the hapless American public who only believe what they are compelled to believe. A recent article in The New York Times (August 7, 2012) has underlined the long-lasting damage that vote-grabbing politicians ca... (more)

How to Select the Right Outsourcing Employee Provider

For many organizations, outsourcing to freelancers, that can be picked up from the popular freelancing websites, is sometimes not enough. Either the work is not suitable for freelancers because of the complexities involved in it or else the information is too sensitive to be handed over to a virtual stranger who cannot promise any sort of credible security measures. Luckily, such dilemmas can now easily be resolved, thanks to many far-sighted outsourcing companies who are providing a far more reliable resource known as the 'virtual employee' or the 'remote employee' . The question ... (more)

Dedicated Virtual Employee and a Freelancer Serve Two Different Markets

A freelancer should really only be hired by clients that have short term projects e.g. they want a logo designed - they have a small website that they want to design - something that can be completed in 2 weeks - 1 month -2 months ...max - why is this the case? Because working with a freelancer remotely is very difficult ...why? Because a freelancer works from home - and so has very poor infrastructure – so working with someone remotely that has poor infrastructure on a LONG term basis would be highly inefficient - coupled with this you have issues such as – a)They are unsupervis... (more)

Outsource If You Want to Focus on Your Core Competencies

The core competencies of a company or an entrepreneur are acquired as a result of working on a well-defined vision. These competencies enable a company to have a competitive advantage in a given field of business. In the fiercely competitive marketplace, it a challenge for any company to focus on its core strengths. There are many aspects of business which have to be taken care of simultaneously along with with the core competencies. This situation may divert a company's focus from its core functions and in turn, may cause serious damage to the business itself. To avoid such a sc... (more)